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Sleep Dentistry Bendigo



Sleep Dentistry Bendigo 

Having dental treatment while you are asleep is known as Sleep Dentistry and may also be referred to as Dental Sedation, Sleep Sedation, and Sedation Dentistry and involves IV sedation and anaesthesia to induce sleep and reduce pain, awareness and recollection during dental procedures or oral surgery. In this way, it alleviates the fear, anxiety and discomfort that may often be associated with general and paediatric dentistry.


With a focus on individualised treatment and attentive care, dentists and anaesthetists at Sleep Dentistry Bendigo use techniques and equipment that maximise patient comfort before, during and after all dental procedures that are performed under IV Sedation and GA (General Anaesthetic).


Sleep dentistry at our Bendigo clinic ranges from mild dental sedation to reduce awareness and gagging, to twilight sedation (also known as twilight sleep) to further improve comfort, right through to deep sedation.


Palm Square Dental Care partnered with Essential Anaesthetic Services has been successfully providing Bendigo the latest Sedation Dentistry. 



Our sate-of-the-art anaesthetic and monitoring equipment allows our specialist anaesthetists to adjust the levels of consciousness during sedation and tailor treatments to suit individual patients’ needs and desires. 


Patients who experience Sedation Dentistry at our Bendigo clinic often acquire an entirely new and positive outlook on visiting the dentist. We often hear the comment "That was so much easier than what I expected"..


Sedation Dentistry is ideal for quelling patient fears or making lengthier procedures in the chair more comfortable.


No dental procedure is too small for this process. With sedation techniques, our dental providers are able to often complete an entire treatment plan in the one sitting because they have access to the latest equipment in a setting to which they are accustomed.


We are the only Dental clinic in Bendigo, successfully providing Sedation Dentistry  to patients. This means we save you multiple consultation visits and can usually book you straight in for treatment after your first visit. This saves you time, anxiety and costs.


Sedation Dentistry has made a big difference in the lives of our patients, whom are amazed at how relaxed they felt during the process.


For more information on Sedation Dentistry and our Bendigo dental locations, Contact us to speak to a member of our team.

Snooze your way through any Dental Procedure. Dentistry has never been so Easy!